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Clash Royale free to download and play | Google play store 2018

Clash of Clans is a real-time multiplayer game which starring the Royales and the favourite Clash royale character of you and much more other things. The dozens of cards are collected and upgrade which features the spells, Clash of Clans troops and the defence that you love and know about and the Royales such as Knights, Princes, Baby dragons and many others.  In this, you will have to knock enemy of princess and king to defeat your opponents from their towers and win the glory, Crowns and trophies of Arena. Share cards from a Clan and build your own battle community. In this, the network connection is also required as this is online game.

Some games items are to be purchased from the real money but Clash Royale is free to download and play. For the use of this feature, you will have to set the password protection for purpose to purchase in Google Play Store app settings. There are some terms and policies according to which you will have to be under age of 13 years for playing and downloading the Clash Royale.

Features of Clash Royale


This is the dual player in all over the world in real time and take their trophies. Collect the powerful new cards to upgrade the existing one and earn chest to unlock rewards. Win Crowns to earn epic crown chest and destroy the opponent’s towers. Upgrade and build the collection of your cards with the Clash Royale. Family along with dozens of your favourite Clash spells, defence and troops. To defeat your opponents construct your ultimate battle Deck. Build your very own battle community and from a clan to share the cards. Make the progress through multiple Arenas all the way to the top. By watching the best duels on TV Royale, learn the different battle tactics. You also can challenge to your friends and Clanmates. Clash Royale is the great strategy with good gameplay and good content. This is the best game in the world.

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 Touchdown mode in Clash Royale

The new features like the addition of Epic Mission and a number of changes brought in October. Touchdown mode is the new version of Clash Royale includes in a highly anticipate new mode. A list of tips to dominate the touchdown mode to dominate the Clash Royale was shown after the expensive testing. This game has the constant updates, don’t stop at the simple performance upgrades and is include in the new game modes, and cards, which adds even the more, appeal to this title of mobile gaming. The birth of new game mode named as touchdown drastically changes the style of Clash Royale.

This is straightforward and the simple game and this game is start with the three towers. Which are include in one in middle and the other two on each side. Aim of the player is to use the troops to destroy the central tower your enemy and also to defend your own tower.



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