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Top Ten Wi-Fi Hacking Android Apps

The apps for hacking Wi-Fi network ate important part of learning the subtitles of penetration testing and ethical hacking. For android to test your network security, the short bytes gives rise to the need for some of quality Wi-Fi hacking apps. Some of the hacking tools that are notable are aircrack-ng, Zanti and WPS connect etc. The top ten apps are as follows:


Aircrack-ng wifi hacking android apps

Such an app make you sure that you have got yourself covered.Popular security tool aircrack-ng is one such tool, which has ported to Android by many Android developers and security enthusiasts.Running aircrack-ng on Android isn’t much of an issue but the difficult part is having a WiFi chipset that supports monitor mode.

Reaver app

For Android, its short form is RfA. This is a password hacker app, which is simple to use for the Android smartphone. This app detects the WPS-enabled wireless router on its own. This app launches a brute force attack against WPS PINs of register and it recovers the WPA passphrases.  Reaver also supports the external scripts for the Android.

Wi-Fi Kill app

Wi-Fi kill is one of the Wi-Fi hacking android apps that really work. This is an application that lets you to disable the connection of internet of a device as its name suggests. To get rid of the unnecessary users you can use Wi-Fi kill with the simple interface. It’s other features are included in showing the traffic which is used by a device, grabbing the traffic of websites,visited by the other devices and the network names.  Note this that this app needs root to access for it is functioning. After the scan of network, this shows that different users connected when you fire the app. To end the connectivity if internet you will have to simply use the kill button.

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Penetrate Pro app

To care for your Wi-Fi analysis needs, this app is a simple tool. To scan the Wi-Fi networks that are available around, it require rooting to work. It calculate the WPA keys and it works with that of the different kinds of the routers.

Zanti app

Zanti is usefull for Wi-Fi hacking android apps which allows the security managers to find the risk levels in a network and is easy to use the mobile penetration toolkit and used for the Wi-Fi network penetration and assessment. To access any website, prevent the target, kill the connection or for server, this app can be used to kill the connection. You can identify the holes in network and also can make amends by mirroring such method, which is used by Cyber attackers.

Zanti Android APK

Wi-Fi analyzer

wi-fi hacking android apps

It is a prank app but is not exactly a Wi-Fi hacker app. This is the good idea to end up this list of Wi-Fi hacking android apps that lets you pretend as if you have broken into Wi-Fi of friends, get an access, and detect nearby hotspot.


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