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How To Use Instagram On PC or MAC

To use or send message direct in instagram from your PC or MAC there are some solutions, that show how to use Instagram on PC or Mac. Follow the send automated direct message on Instagram if you are looking to send the direct message on instagram. When you are sending automatic messages and not the relevant conversation, this method will be best. In case of when you are totally new on instagram, you will have to know about Instagram web. Except of the Instagram App, you can use Instagram from your smartphone browser or computer as well.

Get access from PC Or MAC

How To Use Instagram On PC or MAC

The web browser, www.instagram.Com will have to be opened if you want to use instagram on PC or MAC and then login credentials of your instagram. This is bit irritating that you would not find any option to use instagram on PC or MAC. In order to overcome, feature to send Instagram message direct from web must be added. Some of the solutions are as under to send Direct from web.

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Blustack software for windows:

How To Use Instagram On PC or MAC


This is a software that acts as your android on the computer. It is a straightforward and easy process to download and install this software. Click on finish once install. Wait of few minutes let it to configure by itself and after that, you will get welcome screen and after this click on the right arrow. After this, you should asked for Google id and then click on arrow to the right-hand side.  After you have done this setup . A screen attached below similar to this will appear and then click on the search icon.

Then type Instagram in the search bar and then click on the Instagram app. You should directed to play store to install the Instagram on your PC or Mac. After finishing, click the login after opening.  Instagram will open on the PC as it opens in the android.  At the top of right corner screen, click on the Instagram Direct. After this, you will be ready to enjoy sending messages from Instagram on PC. Blustack might not be the good solution but is the best free.

Still, Instagram would not let you to upload the posts to your profile from your computer but you can at least send the video and photo as a direct message-using app of windows 10. It is strange that Instagram will let you snap pictures to your contacts and group conversations and not to public posts.

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