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Google Chrome Shortcut Keys For Beginners

There are few Google Chrome Shortcut Keys, which speed up the prospecting research on Google.

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Therefore, by learning these simple keys, one can gain valuable results in faster speed and can build a pipeline. These keys are helpful but majority of keys waste the time by learning these keys. There are many useful keyboard shortcut keys that make the work more efficient. One can navigate the internet since learning these shortcut keys. The most common and easy Google chrome shortcut keys are as follow:

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For Opening New Tab:

Hold command and press T, for opening the new tab. Hold Ctrl and press T for the PC.


For Closing The Current Tab:

Hold command and press W for closing the current tab. This key is for the saving time. Hold Ctrl and press T for PC. And never click x for again closing the current tab.

Opening of Previous Tab:

Hold Command, Option and press left arrow key, previous tab will be open. Hold Ctrl and press 9 for PC. This is the easy way to save time.

Opening the Next Tab:

For opening the next tab, rapidly hold Command and Option and then press the right arrow key. In this way, next tab will be open. Hold Ctrl and press tab to open next tab in PC.

Reopening the last tab closed:

When someone close the tab and then realize that in again needed for his work then in this situation, hold Command, Shift and press T for quick recovery. Hold Ctrl, shift and press T for PC.

Switching of Specific Tab:

Hold Command then select the appropriate number of specific tab to jump to a specific tab. For example, if anyone need to jump to 6th tab then hold command and press 6. If someone need to jump back to the 3rd tab then for the opening of 3rd tab hold Command and press 3. This is the same process for PC but for PC hold Ctrl button instead of Command.

For Putting Cursor on Search bar:

Dragging mouse to search bar for typing on Google or URL, is the time waste process. To make this work easier and to jump the cursor on the search bar, hold Command and press L.

Opening of Hyperlinked text in a New Window:

You want to open a new link on a new window, then for this purpose hold Shift and click the copied link. This is the shortcut way, to open a hyperlink text in a new window.

For Highlight of next, word In Search:

For highlight of next word then used Hold Shift key, Option and then press right arrow key, to highlight the next word in a search bar. Hold Ctrl and then Press the right arrow key for PC. This is the quit process, to delete the next word by highlighting.

To Erase the Current search:

If you want to Erase current search then Hold Command and press delete to erase the current search quickly. Hold Ctrl and press Backspace button, for PC.

Above is a listing of all the major Google chrome shortcut keys used with the Google Chrome Internet browser.

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