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How To Make Money From YouTube Step by Step Guide 2018

We have already heard stories of people who make money online from YouTube. It is realistic to earn thousands of dollars online. You can start to earn money quickly especially when you know that you are a strong subscriber base. There is a guide How to make money from YouTube as follows:

Build YouTube Channel:

Each YouTube account has one channel attached to it, this account is same as the Google account, and creating YouTube account will grant you the access to other Google products such as included in Gmail Drive. After creating account add keywords which help people to find out your channel settings and make it sure that your keywords match to your relevant content. If username is short, easy to remember and is original then it can also work for or against you and. If you are using an existing account then you can always change it by using the Google plus account.

Add the content To YouTube Channel :

How To Make Money From YouTube Step by Step Guide 2018

For better impression, try to upload the content that is high quality and is not very long. Try to stay consistent with your uploads and upload regularly. Keep at it if your content is not great at first and practice make perfect and try to make each video better than the last one. Improve your content by using better camera or by trying better editing software and techniques. You Should try to improve the way to film the things and use a tripod to light your screen better. All these will help you for a better end product, which in turn will help you to get the better audience. Also, tag your videos with keywords.

 Gain audience on your channel :

How To Make Money From YouTube Step by Step Guide 2018

Gain an audience is a key to increase your monetization and you need people to watch your contents so that you gain money.  There is no any secret to get the more subscribers and for this, you will just have to give the best content so that they will come to you channel.  Keep upload videos and try people to hooked up. Share your videos to people by sending Facebook and distribute on internet. Interact with your viewers and by replying to their comments and make the videos that are related to comments.

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Monetization of YouTube videos:

Now the question is that how to make money from YouTube ? You will be needed monetization in order to start earn money on your videos.  It’s means that you are allowing YouTube to place their ads in your channel.You can get monetization from YouTube partner program when your channel achieve 1000 subscriber and 4000 hours watch time in last 12 months

Meeting all the requirements:

How To Make Money From YouTube Step by Step Guide 2018

To start earn money you are needed at least 4000 hours watch time and 1000 subscribers. By clicking on monetization tab, you can monetize a video as it uploads. The video that you want to monetize after it is uploaded. you will have to open your Video Manager and click $ sign in video that you want to monetize.

YouTube Partner Program

How To Make Money From YouTube Step by Step Guide 2018

 Partners of YouTube are YouTube members who have to monetize video with the large number of viewers. Partners gain access to contents and win prizes.

Affiliate Marketing is also an option of how to make money from YouTube. You Can join Any Affiliate marketing network like amazon, clickbank and make videos on different products and sale their product with your affiliate link and you will earn commission on every sale made by your link

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